Two choices on how to add Employee:  (Note: Your must have Job description set first under setting:: go to Setting ->Human Resources -> Recruitment->Create Job Description)

1st Option: Quick Add (This assumes you have a paper application that meets your companies policies and regulation) click on the “Add New Employee” and fill the few fields. Employee will receive a link to activate their email and set a new password. **Upload Completed Paper Job Application” under Document tab then other  Documents in new employee profile.



2nd Option: Create a complete job application: After you have created a job description, make the job available for others to apply. to do that go to:  

Human resources -> recruitment – > Job Openings – Click on


Don’t for get to SET Closes on(optional) (Default:30 days from now). If this is on going, then set it to a long time. 


Now that you have a job opening, Have employee create an account in your agency’s login page.





After you have successfully created a user name and password, you will need to confirm your email and set password.  Then comeback to the login page, login in again and you should see the job opening lists you can apply for in your agency portal.


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