Orientation – Step 7

The Orientation items can be configured in the settings of Softiya and assigned to a Job. Anyone who applies for that Job, will be presented with that Job’s orientation items.  Applicants, after their employment status have changed to “Hired”, will

Background Check – Step 6

You have your new employee who have just accepted your job offer and signed your job description, job acceptance and job offer but before you assign them to that client, make sure you complete the onboarding process which includes Background

Job Offer – Step 5

The job offer template is configured in the setting to make it your own only once. After you have configured your template, you can use it to generate a job offer letter. The job offer template function simplifies and unifies

Reference check – Step 4

Reference check is the next step after you have completed your interview and interview review.  In softiya – Home Care Software, the interview can be complete two ways. You also have the option to skip the interview all together and

Interview – Step 3

Softiya makes the interview process simple and yet professional. After someone has Applied for a job, go to your applications, view the applicant information and shortlist them for the job and schedule the interview.  Human Resources -> Recruitment->Applications   Below

The Job Application – Step 2

Softiya – Home Care Software Job application is complete. You can choose to skip the steps it will allow you to skip but its not recommended. We only added what is required and recommended and standard for the industry. The

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