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Home & Community Based Services (Modules)

Softiya provides software solutions for several waiver programs, and can customize them for any agency's needs. All services include Patient Management, Human resources, scheduling, billing, and document management.

Personal Care Agencies Software

Softiya's Personal Care Agency (PCA) module is a comprehensive home care management software that includes all the features you need to run a successful business.

Private Duty Nursing (MedKids)

Our private duty nursing services include complete admissions documentation, state-approved assessments, CMS-485 plans of care, and nursing visit documentation.

Human Resources Management

Your success depends on your HR process. Softiya helps home care businesses recruit, onboard, and retain faster.

Adult foster Care (AFC) & group home

Softiya will provide the following forms digitally: Admission and Assessment Nursing & Care plan forms Timesheet and attendance that meet eVV requirement

Broadcast visit to find coverage



Quickly cover available visits by using Softiya’s scheduling broadcaster and self-scheduling.

You are being bombarded with referrals, admissions, expiring care plans, supervisory visits, new visits, changes in visits, and more. You need to find coverage. With Softiya’s self-scheduling, broadcast available visits to your entire contact list, employees, and applicants.

eVV Synchronization with aggregator

Synchronize your data with the eVV aggregator and payers. 

Softiya submits your employees and clients to the aggregator’s validation system and, later, after you have completed your timesheets either on paper or on the softiya webApp, submits the eVV required data to both the payor and the aggregator, synchronizing all and eliminating the need for editing and, in the process, completely illuminating clerical e

Are you a start-up?

Regulations are not waived just because you are start-up. Start right, start with softiya as your agency software. Manage all aspects of your home care business.  

Specifically, using Softiya, setup your human resources portal and start hiring like a pro.  
Accept clients far away and close to your office with our remote admission paperless. 

When you can hire remotely you are the pro and on your way to success. 

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