Softiya - Personal Care Agency Management & Human Resources Management Software. Softiya is personal care agency management software. We provide software solutions for personal care agency business throughout the united states. Our two Core modules are Patient Portal and Human resources management portal. Softiya is paperless software. Everything is signed electronically. Our system allows you to assign documents to be signed to both clients and staff. Our Patient Module includes admission forms, plan of care, timesheets (eVV and non eVV on/off switch), and other forms like supervisory visits, complaint. The forms you can have signed is dependent on you since you can build and sign any document right on the software configuration section. Our Human resources management module allows electronic signature of job applications, job description, job offer and more. You can assign interviews, confirm interview dates and send and receive reference checks right on the portal. Very soon you will able to run backgrounds of your potential staff right on the portal. Softiya has a learning module where you can assign of all you orientation, agreements and other important forms to be signed electronically. With Softiya, you will run smooth operations and be successful at your business. The application has the following awesome futures:

Patient care module – all done electronically at the patient home

Take referral

Admit patients & sign admission forms electronically on iPad /mobile both patient and employee at the field

complete plan of care & sign it electronically on iPad /mobile both patient and employee at the field

Complete timesheet & sign it electronically on iPad /mobile both patient and employee at the field.

complete supervisory visits & sign electronically at the field

Human resources module

Post job description for employee to apply the job online

Document you interview, send references electronically

Generate your offer later online: write one time and reuse it for all employees

Assign on-boarding documents like forms needs signing, orientation, and other documents you want them to sign.

Electronic signature on all documents for Human resources. Make your own form and have your staff sign it.

Family Portal

Under family portal, your clients will be able to access their own care to provide better communication, good customer services, and care coloration.

You can view active plan of care

Change or cancel aid visits. This will notify aid about the visit change

Submit complaint or suggestions online

Communicate with the agency

View invoice and pay (if its applicable.)

It takes a lot of time and resources to run an agency and with Softiya, you get freedom and reduction in staff needed to run an agency and safe money.