Streamline Your Home Care Business with Softiya's All-in-One Solution: Electronic Billing, Scheduling, eVV, Document Storage, and HR Management.

How secure is Softiya’s system and data storage?

Softiya takes security and privacy seriously and implements various measures to ensure the protection of its system and data storage. All data is stored on servers with top-tier hosting providers and is protected with multiple layers of security, including encryption,

Can Softiya help with billing and invoicing?

Softiya offers a billing module that enables users to create, manage, and track invoices. The system can generate invoices automatically based on the care plans or timesheets, and users can customize the invoices to include their agency’s logo, payment terms,

Is Softiya customizable to fit the needs of individual agencies?

Yes, Softiya is customizable to fit the needs of individual agencies. The software allows agencies to build and sign any document right in the software’s setting section, and the forms that can be signed are dependent on the agency. Additionally,

What type of customer support does Softiya offer?

Softiya offers various types of customer support to assist its users. Customers can call Softiya’s customer support line for immediate assistance. Additionally, customers can schedule an appointment with Softiya’s support team via Calendly to discuss any issues they may be

Does Softiya offer instant messaging for internal communication?

Yes, Softiya offers an internal, secure, HIPAA-compliant messaging system for communication between staff members. This allows for fast and efficient communication while maintaining the confidentiality of patient and employee information.

How does Softiya handle document storage and retrieval?

Softiya provides a free document storage feature where users can upload patient, employee, and company documents into their respective e-folders for easy organization and retrieval. This allows users to move away from traditional paper-based filing systems, saving physical space and